I Support Sacred Heart KC Mission for Purchasing a Property

All the important moments of our lives are connected with the parish. It is where we get married and bring our kids to be baptized and confirmed. It is where we come to be fed in the Holy Eucharist, be reconciled with God, brethren and ourselves and become the important place for our final journey to meet God in eternity. It is my responsibility to support my parish.

Dear Brethren, In view of purchasing a church building for Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Mission, London, ON in the name of our charity organization – The Directorate of Knanaya Catholics In Canada for Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Mission, London, I request you to pledge a minimum amount of CAD 100 monthly and an one time payment of CAD 5000 plus another CAD 5000 with in 3 years on the basis of the recommendation from Pothuyogam. It would be a great help if you could contribute and support this initiative by submitting the below form . Yours in Christ, Parish Priest