From the director’s pen

The Canada Knanaya Catholic community traces its origin back to Jewish-Christian community. Knanaya community migrated from Southern Mesopotamia to the Malabar’s (present Kerala state in India) coast of Cranganore ( Kodungalloor ) in AD 345 under the leadership of a well known merchant Thomas of Cana ( Knai Thomman ). This community consisted of about 400 persons belonging to 72 families of seven clans. A bishop by name Mar Yousef of Uraha, four priests and several deacons were among them. They formed themselves into an endogamous community by keeping their faith, tradition and culture but co-existed peacefully among the St.Thomas Christians in India. As a migrant community, it has got presence in 60+ countries.

Knanaya Catholics in Canada have spiritual gatherings and the community is growing. A directorate was formed for the pastoral needs of all Knanaya Catholics in the Eparchy of Mississauga, on 18 February 2018 by HE. Mar Jose Kalluvelil. Two ecclesiastical units were formed in Toronto and London under the directorate. St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Mission was elevated to a parish on the same day and named as “St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Toronto” which is the first parish for Knanaya Catholics in Canada.

This portal is intended to provide spiritual guidance and information about Canada Knanaya Catholic community.

Yours in Christ

Fr.Pathros Champakkara