The Directorate of Knanaya Catholics in Canada

Knanaya Catholics immigrants residing in and around Toronto wanted to have a Knanaya Catholic spiritual get together in Canada. Rev. Fr. Mathew Meledath (pastor of Knanaya Catholic parish, Detroit) organized a koodarayogam in Toronto. As a result, a Knanaya prayer group was conducted occasionally in Toronto. Eventually this prayer group members requested the Archbishop of Toronto for appointing a chaplain for the koodarayogam. Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath, the Apostolic Visitor for the Syro Malabar community in Canada also supported this request. Rev. Fr. Thomas Mulavanal, the vicar General of the Syro Malabar Diocese of Chicago contacted Rev. Msgr. Thomas Kalarathil, the Vicar for Clergy in the Archdiocese of Toronto for his intervention to establish a “Knanaya Catholic Mission” rather than a chaplain for the Knanaya community.